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It's about leadership.

This is one of the most important municipal elections in our recent history. It’s about a change in leadership. From my service as Chief of Staff to Governor Matt Blunt, to my appointment by Governor John Ashcroft as Chairman of the state Public Service Commission, I have the experience, mutual respect and relationships to restore civility and focus to council. Our citizens deserve nothing less.

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This is one of the most important municipal elections in our recent history. It’s about a change in leadership. I have the experience, mutual respect and relationships to restore civility and focus to council. Our citizens deserve nothing less.

How we conduct ourselves as leaders in this community, what the headlines say about us, not only affects the confidence of our citizens, it sends a strong message to those outside looking in -- most importantly job-creating businesses and skilled workers considering locating here. The competition for that economic opportunity is serious. We have to get this right.

I was blessed with a hardworking family that cemented my work ethic early in life as I helped my dad in his appliance store in downtown Springfield. I am proud of our City and proud of the opportunities I’ve had to contribute. One of the best moments of my career was when, serving as Chief of Staff to then Governor Matt Blunt, the legislature passed the Missouri State name change.

I have a lifetime of experience getting the job done and doing it the right way:

  • Served as Chief of Staff and Transition Director for former Missouri Governor Matt Blunt.
  • Served as Associate General Manager-Administration for City Utilities of Springfield.
  • Appointed by former Missouri Governor John Ashcroft as a member of the Public Service Commission (PSC). He subsequently was designated as Chairman of PSC by Governor Ashcroft.
  • Former Deputy Director-Administration of the Missouri Department of Economic Development, as well as budget analyst and staff director for the Missouri Senate Appropriations Committee.
  • Served as Associate Vice President, Missouri State University and later Vice President for Administrative and Information Services. Retired from that position in 2015 and continues to serve the University on a more part-time basis.
  • April of 2015, elected to serve as a member of the Springfield City Council and was selected by peers to serve as Mayor Pro Tem.

I have been a volunteer leader engaged for many years here in the non-profit and faith-based communities. I teach Sunday School at First Baptist Church and serve as a part-time church administrator. I am a current board member of the Foundation of the Council of Churches, which raises funds for the Council of Churches. I also served on the board of the Council of Churches of the Ozarks, including two years as president. I am a former member of the board of the Wilson's Creek National Battlefield Foundation, including two years as president. I am a six year member of the board of the Springfield Symphony including two years as president. I sang bass for eight years in a mixed southern gospel quartet which sang throughout the Midwest in the 70's and 80's - this is where I met my wife. I have played the trombone since high school and play in a community band and quintet currently.

“I give Matt Blunt and Ken McClure all the credit in the world for the name change, I really do.” Jim Anderson, Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce past president, Missouri State magazine, Summer 2015.


A Safer Springfield

Your Safety Is My Top Priority

I am absolutely committed to prioritizing public safety funding so we can have fully staffed police and fire service for a community this size. This can be done in advance each year using a contingency budgeting process so that any additional funding is already designated for police, fire and emergency priorities. No more “carryover” funds uncertainty.


We must develop a strategic plan to pay for future public safety needs and make sure our police and fire departments will have the training and equipment they need to keep neighborhoods safe. That will take setting aside money each year for long-term funding. Even if we have to cut non-public safety programs, it’s worth it.


We must have more police officers but for that to make the right impact, we have to resolve the jail issue. I've worked hard to build trust with the County and facilitate understanding. Our efforts to combat domestic violence and target mental health needs will be far more successful if we coordinate with our partners at the County.

A Stronger Economy

A Strong, Focused Mayor

It's time to stop the infighting and conduct ourselves professionally. Competition for economic opportunity is fierce. To attract new jobs and talent, we have to send a strong message we are investing in core responsibilities like economic growth and public safety. As Mayor I will work with Council to laser focus our agenda and resources of the City on YOUR priorities.


Our coordinated efforts with K-12 and higher education are building the talent pipeline we must have to attract family-supporting jobs, develop the next wave of technology and encourage entrepreneurs to start up their new businesses. We are leading at the state level in our approach to bringing Uber to Springfield.


We must continue to listen and be accountable in our “completed as promised” transportation and capital improvement programs. I will lead to position Springfield as the strongest transportation hub in the region. This takes planning and being at the table at the state and federal levels. I have the relationships to get this done.


The outpouring of support from friends, neighbors, businesses and community leaders has been overwhelming.
Thank you to my many supporters and donors including:

Springfield Good Government Committee (A partnership of the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce and the Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield)
Businesswomen for Ken McClure
Young Professionals for Ken McClure
Southern Missouri Professional Firefighters
Jodie Adams
Suzi & David Agee
Logan Aguirre
Janet & Jim Anderson
Pamela Anderson
Rayanna Anderson
Raylene Appleby
R.F. Aton
Lynn & Kevin Ausburn
Matthew Ausburn
Nancy Babik
Sally & Rob Baird
Roseann & John Bentley
Mark Biggs
Dr. James Black
Jana Bounds
Andrea Brady
James Brandenburgh
Mike Brothers
Brent Brown
Tiffany Brunner
Stephanie Bryant
Barbara Bullington
Annie & Don Busch
Geoffrey Butler
Chandler & Tom Carlson
Marie & Joe Carmichael
Shara Cash
Kim Hogan Chaffin
Senator Norma Champion
William Cheek
Brenda & Bob Cirtin
Marthe Close
Sheila Collins
Trevor Crist
Andrea Croley
William Dalton
Virginia & Bill Darr
Barbie & Brent Davis
Gary Deaver
Ryan DeBoef
Emily Denniston
Karen Dexter
Donald R. Duncan
Len Eagleburger
Steve Edwards
Paul Elmer
Dusty Emmert
Julie Epperson
Brad Erwin
David Eslick
Sharon Faulkner
Phyllis Ferguson
Stephen Finn
Thomas Finnie
J. Craig Fishel
Bryan Fisher
Jan Fisk
Brian Fogle
Virginia Fry
Cindy & Rob Fulp
Gloria Galanes
Betty Gann
Steve Gardner
Susan & John Gentry
John & Carolyn Gerdes
William Gipson
Harold Glass
Russel Gosselin
Mary Greene
Sam Hamra
William Hardman
James & Sally Hargis
Debbie & Bill Hart
Dale Hearst
Kurt Hellweg
Brian Hickman
Hal Higdon
Rebecca Hogan
Dwayne Holden & Beth Yarbrough
Buckley Hosser II
Sarah & Lincoln Hough
Jack & Robin House
Cindy Howell
Daniel Huff
David Huff
James Huff
Keith Huff
Barbara Hughes
Jerry Hunter
Jeanette & Jim Hutcheson
Jade & Curtis Jared
Joe Jenkins
Britton Jobe
Robert Jones
John Jungmann
Joyce Kastler
Jennifer Kennally
Jane Kessinger
Paul Kincaid
Duncan Kincheloe
Laura & Gordon Kinne
Marshall Kinne
Camille Knowles
Representative Sara Lampe
Eric Latimer
Donald Leveque
James Lewis
Travis Liles
Guy Mace
Bryan Magers
John Marion
Summer Massey
Jill Mayanovic
Jennifer McClure
Powell & Cynthia McHaney
Andrea McKinney
Mark McNay
Norm Mechlin
Virginia Mee
Michael Meek
Terry Meek
Matthew Miller
Jeanie & John Morris
Matthew Morris
Matt Morrow
Kathryn Munzinger
Norm Myers
Douglas Neff
William Nesbitt
Marilyn Nolan
Ashley Norgard
Marian Oglivy
Debbie & Jim O’Neal
Mary Beth & Charlie O’Reilly
Patrick O'Reilly
Betty & Todd Parnell
Leslie Peck
Patti Penny
Mike Peters
Denny Pilant
Carol & Ed Pinegar
Lisa & Doug Pitt
Paula Pollard
Drs. Tom & Kim Prater
Joey Pulleyking
John Rader
Linda Ramey Greiwe
Heather Ramsey
Rob Rector
Charles Rodgers
George Rosenbury
Cynthia Rushefsky
Doug Russell
John Russell
Charlyce Ruth
James Rutledge
Theodore Salveter
Michael Schilling
Jeff Schrag
Tony Shalloup
Clif & Gail Smart
Gary Snaely
Donna & Larry Snyder
Dr. John Steinberg
Kathy Steinberg
Lezah & Ron Stenger
Robert Stephens
Kristina Stewart
Tony Stubblefield
Stephanie Sumners
Carol Taylor
John Oke-Thomas
Travis Tindall
Jaimie Trussell
Traci & Joe Turner
Jean Twitty
John Twitty
Cathryn Vincel
Raymond T. Wagner
Lori & John Wanamaker
Mike Williamson
Ann Willingham
Jennifer Wilson
Central Bank of the Ozarks*
Harmison Pearman PC
Vectis, LLC
Empty Nest Holdings
Path to Wellness
Fred Dreiling, LLC
Commerce Bank*
Davis Properties Management*
Plumpe Investments*
J Howard Fisk Limousines*
Carmichael & Neal PC
Murfdog, LLC
Jim Hutcheson Realtors*
Southwest Missouri Investments, Inc.*
Remanufacturing Sales Corp.*

*Contribution received prior to Amendment 2 effective date



From the beginning, this campaign has been about the shared values that bring our community together. However, we need your help to make this mission a success. If you'd like to volunteer, please fill out this form.

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